Terms & conditions for participating

Terms & conditions for participating

  1. The host of this raffle is the company ALCAR Wheels GmbH. The participation is for free and independent of buying an item or service. By participating in this raffle you accept the conditions thereof.
  2. If you are 18 and above you are able to participate in the raffle. ALCAR Wheels GmbH employees and other ALCAR Group subsidiary employees are not allowed to participate.
  3. Only the prizes of the raffle which are mentioned will be handed out. The distribution of the prizes is held only among the participants, who personally fill in the information for the raffle completely, correctly and readable. The end of the raffle is on the same day, the end of the raffle is generally on the 23.05.2018 24:00.
  4. The winners will be chosen by a random generator after the completions of the forms. The winner will be informed by email and it will be posted on the website. By participating in the raffle the participant consents to the posting of their name and country on the website.
  5. The prizes will be sent to the winners by mail. The winner is responsible for receiving their prize by mail. The company ALCAR Wheels GmbH is not responsible for any damage and offers no guarantee.
  6. Cash instead of the prize or an exchange of prizes is not possible. The prizes are non negotiable. The winner accepts necessary changes of the prize, which other companies outside of the raffle might change.
  7. Any kind of obligation for compensation of the company ALCAR Wheels GmbH and its elements, staff and helpers who are involved in the raffle, for whatever legal foundations, is lawfully permitted, in case of a deliberate act or rough negligence is restricted.
  8. Your data from this raffle may be saved and used by the company ALCAR Wheels GmbH for the purpose of advertisement of its products. A third party will not be involved. The permission of using your personal data can be revoked at any time by e-mail at alloy@alcar-wheels.com.
  9. Legal process is impossible. Austrian law is applied. Address of service is Vienna.

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Winning is easy, simply:

  • post a picture on Instagram and use the hashtag #SPRINGMYRIDE
  • increase your winning chances and leave the podium as a winner
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Silver or black, matte or shiny, 18 or 20-inch? It doesn’t matter – if you win, you decide! Among all raffle participants we toss up a complete rim set by AEZ, DOTZ or DEZENT. The raffle entry deadline is on 23.5.2018.

What you need to do?

Simply fill in the form by clicking on below link, keep your fingers crossed, and win.

And with a little bit of Instagram you can increase your winning chances even more! Simply click a picture during your springtime check, mark it with our hashtag #SPRINGMYRIDE and post it publicly.

Good luck!

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