Step 1:
A clean exterior

Step 1:

It’s about time to get rid of the thick winter salt crust.

Especially in the cold winter months, our roads are often plagued by wetness and plenty of salt residues, or road dirt. That’s why it’s all the more important to deep clean your car after the winter and prepare it for the warm months.

Browsing through what feels like 100 websites containing life hacks for the perfect spring-clean, is definitely snows of yesteryear.

We’ll show you what really matters when cleaning your car and how to kickoff spring.

To cut a long story short: SPRING MY RIDE


How about some tips and tricks?

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Salt removal

What you need:

  • High-pressure cleaner

Firstly, rinse off all winter residues with plenty of water.

That’s an easy way to remove all salt and dirt from the car.

Salt residues not only form an ugly, cloudy layer, but may eat into your car’s paint in the long term.

NOTE: Remember to remove tough residues in small nooks or gaps (e.g. in rubber gaskets, the engine bonnet, etc.).

Remember to remove tough residues in small nooks or gaps (e.g. in rubber gaskets, the engine bonnet, etc.).


What you need:

  • Cleaning agent (car shampoo)
  • Water
  • Sponge or soft brush
  • Bucket
  • Cloth

Fill the bucket with warm water and add the car shampoo according to manufacturer specifications.

Lather the car from top to bottom with a sponge in a circular motion.

Next, rinse the car with clean water. Again, start from the top and work your way down.
Finally, wipe the car dry with a clean cloth to avoid the formation of water marks on the paint.

Dirt particles settle quickly on the sponge. These could scratch the paint in the subsequent washing. Hence, make sure your water is clean and rinse the sponge regularly.

Rim cleaning

What you need:

  • Rim cleaner
  • Rim brush / soft sponge
  • Microfibre cloth
  • Rim sealant
  • Cloth

Spray rim cleaner on the rims and allow to soak.

Clean the surfaces thoroughly with a soft rim brush or a sponge.

Next, rinse the rim with plenty of water and wipe dry with a microfibre cloth.

In the next step, seal the rim by simply spraying the sealant and distributing it on the entire surface with a cloth. Allow to soak for two to three minutes. Done!

Always follow the manufacturer specifications on the products to avoid possible damage or negative effects on the braking power.

Unterbody washing

What you need:

  • Car wash or body shop

In addition to the body and the rims, you also need to wash the car’s underbody properly. Because that’s where most of the residues of harmful road salt hides, which can lead to corrosion unnoticed.

Every car wash offers a programme for a professional underbody wash.

Engine bonnet interior, doors and gaskets

What you need:

  • Fat-soluble cleaning agent
  • Water
  • Microfibre cloth

In addition to the areas where dirt is clearly visible, there are places it can’t be spotted at a first glance. These include the interior sidewalls of the bonnet and the boot lid as well as the doors and their bottom sides.

That’s exactly where grease and dirt often settle. By using fat-soluble cleaning agents on a microfibre cloth, the dirt can be removed effortlessly.


Life Hack:

Cleaning headlights with toothpaste

If the headlights are still full of dirt even after you have removed all the salt, you can clean them with toothpaste. Yes, you heard right! Toothpaste is good not only for your teeth, but headlights benefit from it, too. Simply apply paste on headlights and wipe with a damp cloth. Done!


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