Step 8:

Step 8:

Spruced up and in top shape - ready for spring.

Your car might shine with cleanliness and the paint may not have to shun the bright spring sun, but there is one more thing that makes it look brand-new: polishing.

Polishing not only has visual advantages. In the process, your car gets the extra benefit of being protected against new settlements on the paint.

You can, of course, leave the polishing of your car to an expert, but you must be ready to dig into your pockets. With the right guide, you can easily hand-polish your car yourself.


How about some tips and tricks?

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Paint cleaning

What you need:

  • A clean, rinsed car
  • Paint cleaner
  • Sponge
  • Microfibre cloth

Prior to polishing check whether the paint feels smooth or maybe still has some rough patches. In case of rough patches pre-treat the paint with a paint cleaner.

Apply the paint cleaner using a soft sponge in a circular motion, and then work it in using a microfibre cloth, again in a circular motion.

Before polishing give the car a proper rinse. This calls for absolute thoroughness because any kind of dirt can scratch the paint during the polishing. Also make sure to park your car in the shade to ensure best results.

Selecting the polish

For manual use, the polish must be suitable for plastic and rubber parts.

2-in-1 products are especially suitable. They consist not only of the polish but also contain wax and protect the car paint in the long term.

If the polish is unsuitable for plastic and rubber parts cover such areas prior to polishing. Otherwise, black areas may become grey.

Applying the polish

What you need:

  • Polish
  • Polishing cloth or sponge
  • Microfibre cloth

Treat the paint using the polish and a polishing cloth or sponge in a circular motion from the top starting with the roof and work your way down. Always apply the polish using the same pressure.

After working in the polish, rub the car down using the remaining polish. Apply light pressure against the direction of polishing until all polish is used up.

Always focus on smaller areas and avoid treating the entire car at once. In the event of surface drying, the polish will become difficult to remove. Treat the next area only after having rubbed down one area.

Follow-up check

Once all parts of the car have been treated, check the car once again for polish residues.


Life Hack:

Fast and simple sticker removal

Use multi-functional oil WD40 to remove stickers or sticker residues from the car.


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