Step 3:
Paint and glass work

Step 3:

Off into spring – without cracks and rust.

If you’re riding a lot of motorways or highways in winter, you will surely have experience with this scenario: grit, dirt or salt are whirled through the air at high speed and hit the car with unbridled fury.

This usually leaves scratches in the paint or small stone chips on the windscreen, bumpers or engine bonnet.

Due to poor visibility, this often causes damage when manoeuvring or parking.

You can easily repair small damages to paint yourself (in most cases). There’s also a simple method for stone chips.


How about some tips and tricks?

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Find and repair paint damage

Following a proper rinse of the car, paint damages become visible rather quickly. These occur especially on the engine bonnet, the wheel arches, the bumper or the exterior mirrors. In each case, paint damage and scratches must be removed as quickly as possible.

The depth of the scratch decides the best method of removal.

Polish superficial scratches

What you need:

  • Microfibre cloth
  • Car polish

Superficial damages often require only the polishing of the affected area. Use a commercially available car polish and a clean, fuzz-free microfibre cloth.

Rub the polish in circular, smooth motions.

Before each polish, the affected area on the car must be thoroughly cleaned again. The cloth must also be free of any dirt to prevent dirt particles from being rubbed into the paint.

Paint repair kit for deeper scratches

What you need:

  • Paint repair kit (repair and mirror polish, sand cloth and polishing cloths)

For deeper scratches, use a paint repair kit.

In this case, the area that requires polishing must also be thoroughly cleaned beforehand.

Apply the repair polish and carefully polish the area for about five minutes and in a circular motion. After the repair polish is dried (in approx. 5 minutes), apply the mirror polish and polish for about five minutes.

If the scratch is deeper, the affected area can be treated with a paint grinding compound before polishing it. If this fails to bring the expected success and there is plenty of paint in the affected area, the scratch can also be whetted with a fine (e.g. 2000-grit) wet sandpaper.

Both methods should be performed very carefully. If unsure, we recommend going to a specialist body shop.

Touch-up pen for very deep scratches

What you need:

  • Touch-up pen (according to the car’s colour code)

If the scratch on the car is so deep that the body’s metal becomes visible, a touch-up pen is the last resort.

Firstly, clean the damaged area. Shake the touch-up pen rigorously and apply the paint using the small brush on the pen.

If the scratch is still visible after this treatment we recommend visiting an expert. Also, if you’re unsure about how to use a touch-up pen, going to a specialist body shop is the right solution.

Make absolutely sure that the touch-up pen’s colour is identical with the car’s colour. Every car paint is characterised by a three-digit numerical sequence. Depending on the manufacturer, the code is placed differently on each car (e.g. driver’s door or sticker in engine compartment).

Stone chips on the windscreen

What you need:

  • Windscreen repair resin
  • Body shop

Stone chips on the windscreen require quick repair.

Before going to the body shop you can apply a windscreen repair resin. This prevents further damage and protects from dirt. This also protects the windscreen wiper blades.

Once the crack is bigger than a two-euro-coin, less than ten centimetres from the edge or in the field of vision, the entire screen must be replaced.

Else, repairing the screen will do.

The windscreen repair resin must never impair the view. Moreover, this is only a temporary solution until you visit a body shop.


Life Hack:

Scheiben schützen mit Tesa

Instead of a repair resin you can use a small piece of Sellotape for a quick fix.

Toothpaste as polish substitute.


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