Step 10:
Long-term satisfaction

Step 10:

Care for your car – all year long.

Even if your car looks almost new after having followed our 9 STEPS, a car wash, spring check or the one-time interior cleaning are not quite enough. After all, even post spring, your car is in for many other dirt traps.

Sun, bees, insects, pollen or resin secretions of trees – all of these can aggressively affect a car, especially its paint.
That’s why, you should ensure to keep your car clean both inside and outside and rinse it regularly also in the warmer months.


How about some tips and tricks?

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The warmer days bring the first pollen into the air. These settle on your car’s paint.

When the layer of dust and pollen becomes thicker and thicker and the sun is shining, it can quickly lead to paint damage.

Wash your car once a month or rinse it regularly with water. This way, nothing can settle on the paint and paint damage can be prevented.

Paint care

In addition to rinsing it regularly, treat and protect the paint by using special paint care products and waxing.

Polishing also helps in providing a continuously fresh paint colour. However, avoid polishing your car more than twice a year. Applying the polish is described in STEP 8.

Often, a big wash using car wax comes a long way.

Car paint is like thin skin, with a thickness of just 0.12 to 0.15 mm. It provides optimum protection for the car but is very delicate and therefore needs regular care.

Interior “quickie”

Everybody finds the time for a quick “pit stop” at the petrol station.

As explained in detail in STEP 2, you can do a lot with a plastic bag, a cloth, some water and a vacuum cleaner.

This makes the daily ride to work significantly more pleasant.

Long-life package

Product Price
Storage box plastic about 35 l (25x35x40cm) approx. 5 €
Sponges / car wash set 3-5 €
Microfibre cloths (3-8 pieces) 5 €
Cotton cloths & kitchen roll 2 €
Multi-functional oil (WD40) 7-9 €
Wind screen cleaner plus antifreeze for up to -20° 5 €
Rubber/plastic cleaner & care 6-10 €
Car cleaner plus wax 6-10 €
Rim cleaner 8-11 €
Rim sealant 9-12 €

Just so you run out of making car care excuses, we have compiled a small all-round, long-life car package. This can be stowed away simply in the garage, cellar or below the sink, which makes it always quick at hand.

All products are available at your DIY warehouse around the corner.


Life Hack:

Antifreeze against wind screen streaking

To remove streaking from the wind screen, rub the screen dry in a circular motion using newspaper. Dried-up streaking or drops on the screen can be removed with some antifreeze and a cloth.


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